eCom Scotland create solution to help businesses manage their employees returning to work

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The Government has recently eased the COVID19 lockdown measures, which means more and more of the workforce travelling to and from work.

With companies needing to operate social distancing and reduced workloads, but also wanting to show they care for their employees, many are offering flexible working arrangements and providing masks.

As you are preparing your route map for reopening, you may be wondering how you can manage your allocation of staff working at different start times and instil confidence by giving them the ability to show that they are travelling to and from work. 

eCom is providing a free C19Pass App for workers to download with a digital pass that you can issue for them. C19Pass is a mobile app available from both Apple and Andriod stores. The passes provide in the app are managed from an online website where you as the employer can register a free account to manage your workforce pass allocation and issue passes to your staff who are using the C19Pass App.

Issuing digital passes is a key part of any preparation for a safe and smooth transition back to business as normal.  

Using C19Pass, Businesses can:  

·         Setup simple rules for flexible working patterns; 

·         Easily communicate with employees and implement changes in working times;

·         Identify in the Pass the need for specialist items such as PPE; and

·         Engage with employees showing how you are positively supporting them at this time.

C19Pass is simple to use and works alongside other key changes that employers are putting in place. Using the C19Pass solution will give you an insight into the: 

·         Number of staff working on each shift pattern or location;

·         Numbers of staff attending work; and

·         Number of inactive staff.

Why use C19Pass?