Scottish NetZero Community Launches 1 year out from COP26

02 Nov

Today the Scottish Business Network ( is proud to launch an innovative new community supporting all businesses across Scotland who are targeting reducing Carbon Emissions from their businesses and, ultimately, targeting Net Zero.

Partnered by CBN Expert ( the Scottish Net Zero Community ( will support businesses across Scotland all the way from starting measuring their carbon emissions to achieving the long term target of Net Zero for the whole of Scotland.

SBN Chair Russell Dalgleish commented; “SBN’s core role has been to support Scottish business no matter where in the world they are. Innovation is at the core of this and we see proving the means to support Scottish businesses achieving Net Zero as a fundamental part of ensuring long term competitiveness in a world committed to tackling climate change.”

Launching 1 year ahead of Scotland hosting COP 26 in November 2021 the Net Zero Community is very much aligned to the United Nations and the UK Government’s ‘Race to Zero’ initiative ( We are committed, with our partners, to mobilising as many Scottish businesses as possible to both make a pledge to Net Zero and to start taking meaningful action to tackle climate change in the next 12 months and beyond.

SBN member Tweedie Brown CBE is a key sponsor of the community; “tackling climate change is everyone’s problem and the reality is that the next few years are critical to the world achieving its goal of limiting global warming. The intent from all companies is there. What has been lacking is the means to get them started. Finding a way to enable Scottish businesses to take the first step of measuring and understanding their carbon footprint is at the heart of why we’re creating this community. Supporting them on their journey, all the way, to Net Zero is our mission.

Open to all businesses across Scotland, but with a focus on mobilising and supporting SMEs in all sectors, the community is free to join. Members will have access to insights and information to inform and support them taking actions and to a network of experts who can support them with specialist knowledge and solutions. Through our partner CBN Expert we also provide members with access to an easy-to-use dashboard allowing them to measure their carbon footprint, break it down into its key, set targets and take actions to mitigate emissions. “Once businesses have a view of their carbon footprint it’s much easier for them to start taking actions. Once businesses understand the impact they can have on their emissions and that it, ultimately, makes their business stronger the more value being Low Carbon has.” Commented James Napier, Founder of CBN Expert.

Scotland continues to be a leader in sustainability and is already one the world leaders in renewable energy. We see the Scottish Net Zero community as a logical next step for Scotland to take and demonstrates the country’s long-term commitment to tackling climate change.

All businesses are encouraged to join the community, make a pledge to be Net Zero by 2050, put Scotland at the forefront carbon reduction and be part of something that makes a real difference. Simply visit and sign up at our website

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